Excursions in Pompei

Excursions in Pompei during a Mediterranean cruise

Pompeii Group Tours

from €45 per person

During this half day tour you will see Pompeii's most intriguing features. You will see and visit the archeological site and get a sense of daily life in ancient Rome. It's the perfect excursion for cruise passengers arriving in Naples.

The excursion starts and ends at the cruise port of Naples where the guide will wait for you outside your cruise ship.

You are picked up at 8.30h and driven to the famous Roman town, one of the world's most important archaeological sites at the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

Using an audio guide in the language of your choice, you will discover the perfectly-preserved Roman city with paved streets, luxurious villas, and glorious temples. You can visit the thermal baths, theaters, forums, and the famous Vetti’s house and “Lupanare." You will see natural body casts, preserved by volcanic ash nearly 2,000 years ago.

The visit lasts for about 2 hours and you will head back to the cruise port by 13.00h.

Pompeii & Vesuvius Group tour

from €65 per person

Take in the historic sights of the famous Roman town of Pompeii with our full-day tour from Naples.

The day kicks off in Naples at 08:30, where you will be collected from your cruise ship or hotel by your professional English-speaking driver (exact starting time upon confirmation depends on a your accomodation).

Then it’s off to Pompeii, without a doubt one of the most perfectly preserved Roman cities. Why is it such a looking glass into ancient Roman life? Because in AD79 most of the town was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and parts of Pompeii were only re-discovered 1,700 years later.

Inside Pompeii you can see narrow paved streets and glorious temples and theatres. There is also the Thermal Baths, the Forums, and the unsettling ‘plaster body casts’, which leave you almost feeling the Roman’s presence around you.

After Pompeii, it’s time to visit Mount Vesuvius for a different kind of adventure. We will drive you along a scenic track to the top of this famous mountain, where you will experience the excitement of walking around the edge of a crater and staring inside an active volcano. And while you’re up there, you can take in the stunning views.

At 5.00 p.m. you’ll be back in Naples, reflecting on the day.

Pompei - Vesuvio - Ercolano Private tour

from €285 per unit

An incredibly fascinating and interesting tour that is also highly educating. It is the only place in the world that offers you the opportunity to visit two extremely well preserved ancient towns and then drive to the top of the very volcano that destroyed them nearly two thousand years ago and yet rendered them eternal.

This tour gives the visitors the unique chance to experience, as if they had a time machine, how those ancient Romans lived and admire the level of civic progress and artistic skills they had reached so many years ago laying the foundations of western civilization. After the fall of the Roman Empire such levels of progress were only reached in the 17th and 18th century.

The route that takes to the top of mount Vesuvius goes through a National Park of unusual beauty. Pine forests a lush woods, brooms by the bright yellow flowers and an uncanny volcanic landscape. A most spectacular drive with amazing views of the bay of Naples.

Pompei & Sorrento private tour

from €285 per unit

Treat yourself to a full day of beauty all in one exciting and breathtaking tour. Travel out of Naples to visit the coastal town of Sorrento and to see the ancient ruins of the legendary Pompeii.

After leaving Naples, you will be driven along the beautiful coast, and once in Sorrento, you will get the chance to walk around and visit this elegant and charming seaside resort town. A maze of narrow streets full of character, with countless little shops of all kind, outdoor cafes, restaurants, and fine fashion boutiques will enchant you.

Once you have a taste of Sorrento, continue on to Pompeii. This famous site was covered in ashes from a volcanic eruption, but the ruins have been well-preserved, and you will be led on a guided tour (optional) of the ancient remains.

Pompeii & Amalfi Group tour

from €85 per person

Get a taste of ancient Roman life and explore the archeological ruins of Pompeii. Enjoy the beautiful and stunning scenery of the Amalfi Coast on a full-day excursion from Naples. A combination of the intriguing past and the enchanting present.

The excursion starts and ends at the cruise port of Naples where the guide will wait for you outside your cruise ship.

You are first transferred to the archeological site of Pompeii. For many centuries it was buried under the ash of Mount Vesuvius since the eruption in 79 AD. It was excavated in the 1700s and today you can still see the houses, bars, shops, theaters, bath houses,... and get a good idea of everday Roman life.

Later on you will drive along the spectacular Amalfi Coast. Your driver will take you to the best places to overlook Positano and its bay for the stunning views. You will also stop for a light lunch and continue to Amalfi where you can soak up the charm and beauty of one of the most precious regions in Italy.

After this full day tour, you return to the cruise port of Naples by 17.00h

Pompeii Private Guided Walking Tour

from €150 per unit

Visit the Pompeii ruins on foot for approximately two hours with an English-speaking local guide on an archaeological journey through the ancient city. In this UNESCO World Heritage Site you will get a taste of the everyday life of the Roman Empire.

This private guided walking tour starts at the entrance of Porta Marina Superiore of the Pompei archeological site, where your guide will welcome you. If you are on a cruise to Naples, you can easily reach it by public transport. There are several options by bus, by taxi or Circumvesuviana train. The entrance of Porta Marina Superiore is just about 150m away from the Circumvesuviana train station. If you are on a cruise to Sorrento, you can check your transportation options here.

Enjoy a real journey in search of an ancient civilization destroyed by the terrible eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Pompeii is one of the most significant historic vestiges of the Roman civilization and it appears as an exceptional open book on the art, customs, and crafts, of the everyday life of the time.

Today, Pompeii is one of Italy's leading tourist attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Through the remains and ruins of this ancient city, you can imagine the everyday life of the Roman Empire and imagine the panic felt by the people in those last few minutes before the city was so disastrously buried. The volcano buried the city under many feet of ash and it was lost for 1,600 years before its accidental rediscovery.

Pompeii, Sorrento & Positano Shore Excursion

from €88 per person

Enjoy a private shore excursion directly from your ship in Naples. Our expert and courteous, English-speaking driver will pick you up in a luxury vehicle and take you to visit the very best highlights of Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano.

If you want to discover what life must have been like in Rome over 2,000 years ago, Pompeii is the place to visit. This ancient Roman city was destroyed and buried by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A .D .

Although this tragic event ended the lives of 20,000 Pompeian residents, the ash that buried the town served as a sort of mummification for the entire city; Archeological excavations are open to the public (entrance fee Euro 11.00 per person) between the hours of 09:00 am and 06:00 pm everyday of the week, local guides can be hired at the entrance ( they charge about Euro 150 for the 2 hours tour, but they are worth it) or headphones voicing explanations of the sites can be rented.

Please note that since Pompeii is a popular area for tourists, we strongly recommend being cautious of your belongings! From Pompeii we take a drive along the wonderful coastal road to Sorrento. Spectacular views of the entire bay of Naples and the Island of Capri (that was once joined to Sorrento ) are revealed as the Amalfi coast road emerges from over the mountain top. A quick drive through the town before you arrive in the city center, where you find the main shopping street, for the locals as well as tourists, with lots of shops (normally open all day everyday in the summer, but during the low season usually are open between 09:00am – 01:00 pm then 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm).

Leaving Sorrento your tour continues with a drive along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast to Positano and descending the winding one-way road, bypassing many local restaurants, we get to the heart of the town - the busy central Piazza dei Mulini that is connected to a narrow downhill path and a few flights of steps that lead to the seafront. All streets leading to the waterfront are for pedestrians only so we must drop you off at the Piazza dei Mulini. The only way to reach restaurants situated on the beach that serve fish that have been caught the same morning, such as La Cambusa and Chez Black, is to go by foot!

These streets also lead to the cathedral, shops selling ceramics, lemons, shoes and “Positano fashion” clothing. Positano is alive at night as well as during the day with exotic nightclubs such as “Music on the Rocks” and various bars and cafés that remain open until the sun begins to rise over the horizon.

There is a short walk back uphill in order to return to the car. In the afternoon, return to Naples port on perfect time to reboard your ship.