Transportation from the port of Olbia

Public bus

Public bus from Olbia to Pittulongu Beach

€1,30 per persoon
1-2 per uur
15 minuten

At the bus terminal in the center of Olbia (behind the train station) you can take bus N° 4 to the coast of Pittulongu. In about 15 minutes the bus will take you to your destination. During high season (July and August) buses run every 30 minutes. During low season there is 1 bus per hour.

The N° 4 bus stops consecutively on the beaches of La Playa, Squalo, Pellicano and Mare e Rocce. A ticket costs € 1.30 per person (valid for 90 minutes after validation).

How do I get to the bus terminal from the cruise port?

The bus station in Olbia is located behind the train station. You can walk there (2 km) or take bus N° 9 from the cruise terminal. The journey takes just a few minutes.


Taxi from Olbia to Pittulongu Beach

€30-€40 per taxi
bepaal je zelf
15 minuten

At the port you can take a taxi to Pittulongu Beach. The distance is about 8 km and the journey takes approximately 15 minutes. Expect a rate of € 30 to € 40 per taxi (4 persons one way).