Transportation from the port of Livorno


Train from Livorno to Pisa

€2,30 per persoon
1 tot 2 per uur
20 minuten

You can easily visit Pisa by train from Livorno. The train ride from Livorno Centrale to Pisa Centrale only takes 20 minutes and costs € 2.30 per person (one way). There run 1-2 trains per hour. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is a 15-minute walk from the train station. You can check the train timetable in advance.

TIP: There are also tourist train which is faster and air-conditioned. It only takes 12 minutes and costs € 9 per person (one way).

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port in Livorno?

Livorno Centrale train station is too far from the harbor to get there on foot. You can take a taxi for approximately € 20 per taxi (4 persons one way) or you opt for the combination shuttle bus and public transport. The latter is the most popular option and it's very simple. Here are the steps to take.

step 1

Take the shuttle bus from your cruise ship to the stop at the back of Piazza Grande.

step 2

At Piazza Grande, take bus N° 1 to the station. The bus runs every 7-10 minutes and costs € 1,20 per person (one way). Make sure that you don't take the bus on the side of Mc. Donalds, because it goes in the opposite direction. Take the bus at Piazza Grande C. bus stop at the center of the square. The journey takes 10 minutes.

TIP: Buy your bus ticket in advance at the Tourist Office, at ticket machines or at a Tabacchi kiosk . On the bus you usually pay € 1 more.

step 3

Take the train to Pisa


Taxi from Livorno to Pisa

€50 per taxi
bepaal je zelf
30 minuten

Pisa is 30 km from Livorno. A taxi ride takes half an hour and count on approximately € 120 per taxi (4 persons, returns, 2 hours waiting time included).

Public bus

Public bus from Livorno to Pisa

€2,75 per persoon
2 per uur
60 minuten

At the back of the cathedral in the center of Livorno, you can take bus N° 10 to Pisa at Largo Duomo bus stop. This bus from CPT company runs every 30 minutes between Livorno and Pisa Piazza Sant'Antonio and costs € 2,75 per person (one way). The trip takes about 1 hour. You can check the bus timetable in advance.

How do I get to the bus stop from the cruise port in Livorno?

The N° 10 bus stop is located at the rear of the cathedral on Piazza Grande. From the cruise port, you can go there by taxi for about € 20 per taxi (4 persons, one way) or by shuttle bus. The last brings you to the back of Piazza Grande. From there it's only a 300 meter walk to the bus stop.

TIP: The Tourist Office also offers a bus from Livorno to Pisa. It runs less frequent and costs € 15 per person. You can buy a ticket at the Tourist Office, also located on Piazza Grande.