Excursions in Nora

Excursions in Nora during a Mediterranean cruise


from €75 per person

We travel in a south-westerly direction from Cagliari, passing St Gilla’s Lagoon, a very important wetland inscribed in the Ramsar Convention list, where it is possible to see the pink flamingos and lot of migratory and nesting birds such as sea crows, coots, avocets, purple gallinules, stilt plovers, etc.. The archaeological site of Nora enjoys a scenic location on the sea front, situated on the capo di Pula. The antiquity of its Foundation is testified by a Phoenician stele dating back to IX-VIII B.C, where the word Sardinia: “Shrdn”, is first mentioned.

Nora has hosted the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans, all of whom leaved traces of their occupation. Today the most easily visible are the Roman ruins: beautiful mosaics, temples, patrician villas, cobbled streets, the forum, the baths,  the theatre and other remains of houses and workshops.

Then will walk along the bay to see the little church where, every year on 1st May, important religious celebrations take place in the name of St Efisio, who saved the Sardinian population from plagues, wars and so on. Since 1656 a solemn procession of numerous pilgrims dressed with traditional costumes, with beautifully adorned floats driven by huge oxen, escorts the statue of the Saint from Cagliari to Nora.

Upon request:
At the end of our walk we can stop at Pula for lunch or drive to Chia and Teulada and stop to see the famous sand dunes at Su Giudeu beach and the crystal clear waters at Tuerredda beach