Important places in Naples

Important places to remember in Naples during a Mediterranean cruise

Circumvesuviana C. Garibaldi

This is the main train station of Circumvesuviana-train connections. It will bring you to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento. Sometimes it's also called Porta Nolana. It's located on the Corso Garibaldi. The train also makes a stop at the Central Station in Piazza Garibaldi.

Circumvesuviana P. Garibaldi

The Circumvesuviana-train  has 2 stops in Naples. This is the underground stop at the train station at Piazza Garibaldi. The main train station is located at Corso Garibaldi.

n° 1 tram stop

Tram n.°1 takes you in a few minutes  from the cruise port to Corso Garibaldi and Piazza Garibaldi, the stops of the Circumvesuviana-train.

n° 151 bus stop

In a front of cruise terminal (Via C. Colombo) you can also take bus n° 151. It will bring you to the station of Circumvesuviana-train at Corso Garibaldi and Piazza Garibaldi.

EAV-bus stop

The EAV-bus makes a stop at the cruise terminal and runs 2 times per day to Capolinea Vesuvio Q.1000, to the top of the volcano Vesuvius.

ferry station

Close to the cruise port Molo Beverello is a ferry station, where you can take a ferry to Sorrento, Ischia and Capri.

SITA bus station

Here you can take a bus to Pompeii, Sorrento and Amalfi coast. It' especially interesting when you plan to visit several places along the coast. The bus station is located at the Nuova Marina.