Public bus

Public bus from Palermo to Monreale

Monreale is located about 10 km from Palermo. A cheap way to get there is by public bus. Bus N° 389 departs hourly from Piazza Indipendenza in Palermo. The ticket costs € 1.5 per person (one way, valid for 90 minutes after validation). The bus stop at Piazza Indipendenza is located next to the fortified walls of Palazzo Reale. It's good to consult the timetable before you leave.

TIP: If you want to visit Monreale, go there first and visit Palermo on the way back. The road to Monreale is narrow and at peak hours the travel time is up to 45 minutes.

10 kilometer
30-45 minuten
€1,5 per persoon
1 per uur

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