Excursions in Messina

Excursions in Messina during a Mediterranean cruise

Acireale, Catania, Cyclops Riviera Private Shore Excursion from Messina

from €88 per person

Enjoy a comfortable and exclusive shore excursion from the Messina Port. Our driver and luxury vehicle will pick you up as you disembark your ship and bring you on an unforgettable private tour to visit Acireale, Catania, and the Cyclops Riviera.

Your first stop on this tour will be the ancient city of Acireale whose foundation is lost in time but rich in legend. The name Acireale in fact comes from the shepherd Aci who fell in love with Galatea who in turn is loved by the Cyclops. In jealousy, the Cyclops kills Aci and in the place where he is murdered, a river was born. Acireale is the modern name given this city by the King of Spain in 1642. Many of the monuments in Acireale that you will see today on your shore excursion from Messina are from the Baroque period.

Visit the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul on your tour, a beautiful Baroque church first built in 1550, that contains many important works of art, and the most important church in Acireale, the Basilica Collegiata of Saint Sebastian. The Cathedral is also from the same period and should be visited in order to see the works of art by the native artist Pietro Paolo Vasta. Enjoy a walk along the Corso Umberto, the most important street in the city where you can admire many important palaces.

Before leaving Acireale and continuing your shore excursion to Catania, make sure you taste the delicious water ice “granita” together with a brioche pastry. Acireale, like many places in Sicily, is well known for its wonderful cakes and pastries.

Your driver will bring you to tour Catania, one of the cities with the most varied landscapes in Italy, including coastline, plains, and mountains. Situated at the foot of Mount Etna, Catania has been destroyed seven times by the volcano and earthquakes in the course of written history. For this reason, there are very few remaining traces of the Greek and Roman periods in the city. Nevertheless, on your shore excursion you will be able to see the remains of the 2nd century Roman Theater and Amphitheater, the Odeon from the 3rd century, and the thermal baths, as well as the aqueduct. From the Norman period, you can tour the Aci Castello and the Cathedral of Saint Agatha, although the main part of the church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693. A rare example of the Sicilian Baroque style can be seen in Catania and you should definitely have a walk along the Via Dei Crociferi on your shore excursion to see one of the most beautiful streets in Catania before continuing your car tour along the Cyclops Riviera.

Enjoy this car tour along the Cyclops Riviera, this legendary coast made up of lava stone from Etna’s numerous eruptions, and a deep, limpid sea. Your shore excursion will take you to the important towns along the way, like Acireale with its beautiful historic buildings and the quaint fishing village of Aci Castello, or Aci Trezza and Aci Catena.

When your tour is finished, your car and driver will bring you safely back to the Port of Messina to board your ship.

Godfather & Taormina | Private Shore Excursion

from €330 per unit

Godfather & Taormina | Private Tour
Enjoy the scenes of The Godfather movie & the amazing Taormina: great villages located on the East coast and considered the most important local highlights.
For your acknowledge: pick-up will be arranged 0,30 hour later estimated cruise dock | drop-off to the port will be set 1 hour before cruise departure.

From the coastal road, rich of villas, flowering gardens, and picturesque villages, leads to the historical artist town of Savoca. In a private house in the village, Bar Vitelli houses a collection of local artisans' tools and photographs taken when Francis Ford Coppola shot scenes of The Godfather II. Stroll along the village's main street past Santa Lucia and San Michele churches for a short view over the valley. Drive away, we'll find a charming little village over-looking the Arab-Norman castle of Capo Sant'Alessio. In 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot scenes here for The Godfather III. From the main square, a lane meets the circular steps that ascend to the Gothic-Catalan portal in front of the Church of San Agostino. Later we will continue to Taormina, the resort town of Sicily. On arrival time at leisure to explore the town or independent visit to the Greek Roman Theatre (admission fee: not included) from where we can admire an amazing view. This afternoon back to Messina port.


from €40 per person

This tour is a great chance to admire the monuments at the historical center of an ancient city, Messina, on the Ionian coast. The Cathedral Square, the Catalani's Church, the Sanctuary of Christ the King and the Church of Montalto, will be explained to you during the tour with all the distinctive traits.

The tour will start from the Cathedral Square, where you will admire the bell tower with the world's largest astronomical clock. You will continue on with a visit to the Catalani's Church, an extraordinary example of XII century Arab-Norman architecture. Afterward, the tour will continue on to the Church of Montalto, with its wonderful panoramic balcony, and the Sanctuary of Christ the King. During the excursion, you will hear the legends that characterize the Strait’s area. Some of the most famous are Scylla and Charybdis, Colapesce and City of Risa, an ancient town that suddenly sank with all its inhabitants in the waters of the major lake of Ganzirri. According to the legend, in particular climatic and atmospheric conditions, you can still see the ancient walls and hear the rolling of the bells at midnight.

You will get an up-close look at the famous feluccas, the typical boats that are still used for swordfish fishing. You will see Head Pelorus where you can admire the encounter between the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian Sea. The arm of the sea that surrounds Cape Pelorus is a protected nature reserve called Laguna of Cape of Peloro, established by the Region of Sicily in 2001. It is also a site of international importance, included in the ‘UNESCO Water Project’ since 1972. The natural reserve is host to over 400 aquatic species.


from €80 per person

This 5 hour tour starts an air conditioned coach (seats no more than 30 passengers) towards the Tyrrhenian coast to reach Capo Rasocolmo,  a historical place and one of the most captured landscapes of Messina.

Here you can enjoy the beach and swim in the sea after which, you will continuing with the visit in the “Tenuta Rasocolmo.” There you will meet the winegrower and with him you will visit the vineyards and taste wines. One of the wines you will be tasting, DOC Faro Rasocolmo 2011, was awarded with the bronze medal at the London International Wine Challenge 2015. The tasting will also include olive oil and other typical Sicilian products.You will start the tour from Messina with pick up from the port or central location. From there you will continue towards the Tyrrhenian Coast, Capo Rasocolmo specifically. This scenic drive will last 30 minutes, ending at the beach. This location will allow you an hour and a half of relaxing or swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Then you will continue your tour towards Rasocolmo Winery, accompanied by the winegrower, he will provide a guided tour of the vineyard, the olive grove, and the house. Here you will taste their typical products as “Salumi di Suino Nero dei Nebrodi”, local cheese, jams, and olive oil which will be accompanied by a wine tasting: two red wines:”Doc Faro Rasocolmo” and “Etna Doc” and then two white wines: “l’Hismael” and “Etna Bianco”. After this visit, which will last around two and a half hours, you will return back in Messina.

Segway PT Tour Messina

from €99 per person

In just a couple of hours and without any effort you will see the highlights of Messina. You stay close to the docking area while gliding along the piazzas, churches and famous monuments in the company of a professional guide.

Your excursion starts at Via Castellammare -satellite coordinates 38°11'29.2"N 15°33'22.3"E-, near Via Garibaldi, next to the Catalani Church, where the guide will wait for you. If you are on a cruise to Messina, you can easily reach it on foot from the docking area.

One of the most famous landmarks of Messina is the Cathedral with its astronomical clock. It’s beautifully located on Piazza Duomo with the fountain of Orion. Before arriving there you will follow the guide to Piazza Cairoli - the commercial center of the town – and Piazza Pugliatti where you can see the Court of Justice and the University of Messina.

Next you will reach the Church of the Annunziata dei Catalani with its typical cupola passing in front of the Baroque fountains. Before arriving at Piazza Antonello – enclosed by neoclassical palaces – you will see the monument of Don Juan of Austria.

The guide will take you to the medieval church San Francesco d’Assisi after passing by Monte di Pièta, a beautiful Baroque palace. Gliding through the public gardens you will reach Piazza Unita d’Italia with the fountain of Neptune and the Palace of the Government.

From there you move back to Piazza Municipio paying attention to the statue of Ferdinand de Bourbon and the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele.
For those who can’t get enough we propose 3 possible extended tours which you can arrange on the spot with the local staff

1)    Shopping – Viale San Martino
2)    Panoramic view – Montalto Church
3)    North Coast - Museum

Private Tour to Taormina, the pearl of the Ionian Sea

from €30 per person

On this private tour you will visit the beautiful Taormina, also referred to as the pearl of the Ionian Sea. For many it’s one of most wonderful places in Sicily. Enjoy this little town full of hidden corners, historical sites and winding streets with Mount Etna and the bay of Naxos on the background.

This private tour starts at the cruise port of Messina where the guide will welcome you in Sicily.

After meeting your Guide at the pier along the ship, you board your deluxe Motor coach or Minivan with driver. You will follow the highway along the Ionian coast and proceed up to Monte Tauro where Taormina was founded by a group of refugees from Naxos, which was destroyed in 358 BC by Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse.

The coach will leave you at the parking lot and then you will go up to Taormina by elevator. After a 15 minutes’ walk through the main street of Taormina you will reach the Ancient Greek-Roman Theatre. It’s one of the most beautiful sites in the world, with its well preserved stones and stage and the snow-covered Mount Etna on the background.

You proceed with a walking tour in the delightful little town full of hidden corners, atmosphere and colors.

You have time at leisure for shopping along the main street full of boutiques and local handicraft stores.

After taking the elevators back to the parking lot, you board your coach and return to the cruise port of Messina.



from €15 per person

The walking tour will start from the cathedral  square, under the beautiful bell tower then the visit will continue with the Catalani’s Church-testimony of arab-normann style; the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele-the second greatest gallery in the south of Italy; the Mountain of Mercy, the Church of S.

Francesco d’Assisi-one of the oldest churches of Messina; the Palace Zanca and the Antiquarium; the  Palace of Culture; the Church of Montalto and the Sanctuary of Christ the King.