Important places in Livorno

Important places to remember in Livorno during a Mediterranean cruise

shuttle bus stop

The shuttle bus will take you from your cruise ship to the Piazza Grande in the center of the city. From there you can go on foot to the city center or to the train station. From there you can take a train to Florence or Pisa. You can also take a  bus to Pisa.

N° 1 bus stop

The bus stop at Piazza Grande. There you can take bus n° 1 to the train station.

train station

Train station is located few kilometers from the cruise port. You can go there from Piazza Grande by taxi or public transport . From the train station in Livorno you can take a train to Pisa, Florence or the Cinque Terre.

Tourist Office

The Tourist Office is situated close to Piazza Grande and the stop of the shuttle bus. They will give you more information about Livorno city or excursions inTuscany.

N° 10 bus stop

Here you can take a bus to Pisa at Piazza Grande (at the back of the cathedral)