Excursions in Livorno

Excursions in Livorno during a Mediterranean cruise

Livorno Bike Tour

from €35 per person

Visiting Livorno by bike is the best way to discover and enjoy the city. We propose a simple tour suitable for all ages that will allow you in two hours to see the most characteristic points and views.

Livorno is a town entirely flat and therefore very easy to get around by bicycle. 
We will visit the historic district of Venice with its picturesque canals and its churches, to then reach the new fortress from which you can take  very scenic pictures. We will hop on our bike and reach Piazza della Repubblica, which with its impressive 18,000 m2 is surely one of the largest piazzas in Italy.  Finally we’ll reach the historic covered market , where we will make a brief stop to enjoy the culinary folklore of Livorno.

We will then stroll downtown and get lost in Livorno’s charm, to see the Duomo, Piazza Cavour, the Goldoni Theatre, Piazza Magenta with its great Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso.

From the city center will ride on towards the beautiful promenade of Livorno, with stops at Terrazza Mascagni and other characteristic spots.

Electric Bike Tour

from €69 per person

We start our discovery tour right in the city centre. Riding down the beach promenade, we admire some wonderful “Art Nouveau” villas before we finally reach the magnificent hills.

On the top of one these hills, we will take a break at the sanctuary of “Madonna di Montenero”, which you can visit or simply enjoy as a splendid panoramic viewpoint from where you can even admire a spectacular sunset.

We’ll continue our tour in the direction of Castellaccio via streets that are immersed in green colours and nature. You will have lunch and wine tasting included.

Cooking Lesson Small Group Tour

from €80 per person

Learn to cook like an Italian at a 4,5-hour market to table cooking class, and enjoy a Tuscan meal. Visit the central food market with your chef, before learning tips and techniques to make an Italian meal that you can recreate at home.

You will gain unique techniques and the best tips to make a perfect Italian meal!
The class will start with a visit to the Central Market: our Italian chef will help you choose the best ingredients. Once you got everything you need, we will move to the unique location where the class will take place, in the heart of Livorno. During the lesson, you will prepare a full Italian meal, from appetizer to dessert. We will first prepare all the needed ingredients by washing and cutting them. Our chef will show you how to make fresh pasta from the raw ingredients and you will have the chance to knead it yourself!

Our chef will show you how to decorate your plate and you will finally have lunch with the amazing dishes you made. Lunch will be accompanied by a local wine, water or soft drink as you prefer.

Bolgheri Wine Tour with Electric Bike

from €99 per person

The tour starts with the electric bike ride from Piazza del Municipio and continues by train to Bolgheri.

Bolgheri is, above all, a state of mind, a way of life, the rarefied atmosphere of a world that a lot of people believe it no longer exists. As in a mosaic, the single pieces which compose it are of precious materials and colors, but observing them one by one there is no perception of the overall picture. Nature here remains in a pristine state; woods dominate the hillsides which, running parallel to the coast, protect it from winter's worst cold. The vineyards, often wedged into the green of forest spaces or of ancient olive groves, dominates, together with the silent whistling of the wind, a landscape drawn discretely by the human hand. 

You will also enjoy a delicious lunch and wine tasting inside Bolgheri (not included)

500 Vintage & Bolgheri wine Tour

from €120 per person

Travelling is a unique experience. You will always remember it thanks to the details, the smells and the views you will bring back. But memories cannot exist without real personal experiences. Our 500 vintage Tour has originated from this philosophy. Our car fleet includes a vintage FIAT 500, carefully renovated while preserving the original traits. If you join our tour, you will enjoy two typical aspects of Tuscany at the same time: the breathtaking landscape of the Bolgheri hills and the genius of FIAT 500, which has characterized Italian history for long.

Our itinerary in the land of the Super Tuscans begins in Bolgheri, a beautiful medieval town that’s close to the sea, but immersed in a countryside that’s rich in vines and olives. The scenery is characterised by a lovely castle and ancient stone palazzos.

This magical and poetic land, the cradle of sought-after wines like the Ornellaia and Sassicaia, immortalised by the words of Giosuè Carducci “The cypresses of Bolgheri, tall and frank, go all the way to San Giudo in double lines…” So there’s nothing left to do but take that aforementioned splendid tree-lined avenue to  Castagneto Carducci.

Cooking Class in Tuscany Farm

from €150 per person

What if returning from Italy you could show your family and friends, not only pictures, but your cooking skills too? Wouldn’t it be great to impress them with a typical Italian meal you cooked yourself? Join our professional cooking class! You will gain unique techniques and the best tips to make a perfect Italian meal!

You will be comfortably escorted via minivan from centrally located Livorno to the unique location where the class will take place, in a Tuscan farm. During the lesson, you will prepare a full Italian meal, from appetizer to dessert. Our chef will show you how to decorate your plate and you will finally have lunch with the amazing dishes you made. Lunch will be accompanied by a local wine, water or soft drinks as you prefer.

Horseback riding with lunch included

from €150 per person

An old riding school situated in a tranquil and peaceful area immersed between the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside. After a short journey on our private air conditioned minivan, the horses will be there waiting for us.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden a horse before, the experienced staff will make sure you feel confident before leaving for a ride. We will ride through lush vineyards, native woods, olive groves and rolling hills for a collection of breathtaking and unforgettable views.

The Santuario of "Madonna di Montenero"

from €150 per person

The scenic hill village of Montenero, already famous among tourists back in the eighteenth century due to the enchanting scenery, owes its name to its outline, which from far away appears dark and gloomy (nero, which means “black”).

Montenero is located about 10 kilometers away from the city of Livorno, and it is home to one of the most important Sanctuaries in Italy, dedicated to Maria delle Grazie, Patron Saint of Tuscany.  Built to celebrate a miracle performed by the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the hill, the Sanctuary of Montenero has become during the centuries a special pilgrimage place, which reflects the deep sense of faith and religious worship that is so strong among the sea populations such as, of course, the inhabitants of Livorno.

Wonderful Sea

from €150 per person

The Etruscan Coast is the shoreline that runs between Livorno and Piombino, in a succession of beautiful seaside towns as: Castiglioncello, Quercianella, Rosignano, Cecina, Bibbona, Marina of Castagneto and San Vincenzo. The coast is rich of history and traditions of all sorts, from the local handicraft to the delicious Tuscan traditional food, based on local products.

The Etruscan Coast offers beaches, playgrounds, sailing schools, sports tours and nature reserves.
All along the coast you have a succession of resort areas, fully equipped for leisure time, and protected areas, real wildlife refuges. Here, the nature is not only a frame, but it is the real essence of the Etruscan Coast.
Natural resorts such as the WWF Oasis of Bolgheri, the Magona Park, the Colline Livornesi Park, the 
Rimigliano Oasis, and in the Valley of Cornia – the further part of the Etruscan Coast – the Sterpaia and Montioni Parks, can all be found in these areas.

Between seaside towns and archaeological and natural parks, all along the Etruscan Coast run more than 90 kilometers of beaches. The Etruscan Coast faces a deep blue sea, awarded with the Blue Flags of the European Union, a prestigious acknowledgment in beauty and natural preservation. The marine scenery varies from the white sand beaches of Rosignano and the Baratti Gulf, passing through the brown sand of Marina di Castagneto, Bibbona and Cecina, to the sculptured rocks of Castiglioncello and Quercianella. It’s sufficient to take a walk along the Etruscan Coast to understand the deep relation that lies between history, art and nature.

Siena and San Gimignano Shore Excursion

from €88 per person

Enjoy a private shore excursion directly from your ship in Livorno. Our expert and courteous, English-speaking driver will pick you up in a luxury vehicle and take you to visit the very best highlights of Siena and San Gimignano.

After an hour and half driving through the Tuscan countryside you will reach San Gimignano. San Gimignano rises on a hill (334m high) dominating the Elsa Valley with its towers dating back to the 11th century. Its cultural and natural patrimonies have been recognized by UNESCO, but even more impressive is the medieval skyline made up of towers and the views from above and below them. The town increased in wealth and developed greatly during the middle Ages thanks to the "Via Francigena" the trading and pilgrim's route that crossed it. Such prosperity lead to the flourishing of works of art to adorn the churches and monasteries. On 8 May 1300 Dante Alighieri came to San Gimignano as the Ambassador of the Guelph League in Tuscany. In 1348 San Gimignano's population was drastically reduced by the Black Death Plague throwing the city into a serious crisis which eventually led to its submission to Florence in 1353. In the following centuries San Gimignano overcame its decline and isolation when it's beauty and cultural importance, together with its agricultural heritage, was rediscovered. Once in San Gimignano, other than admiring the famous towers, you can also see the "Duomo" or Collegiate Church, the "Palazzo del Popolo", the "Palazzo Nuovo del Podestà" (which is now the town hall), S. Agostino Church, the Museum of Holy Relics, and the infamous Museum of Torture, which displays early instruments of torture and reminds everyone that cruelty and violence existed even way back then.
On a lighter note, there are numerous shops which sell local products including the "Vernaccia" wine. During the transfer San Gimignano-Siena you will stop in Monteriggioni, without doubt one of the most classical and best known Italian walled town. The town was built by the Senesis in the years 1213-1219 on a hillock overlooking the Cassia Road. Its ideal position allowed controlling the Elsa and the Staggia Valleys in direction of Florence, the historic enemy of Siena. Here you'll have the chance to taste a true Tuscany meal in a typical trattoria. After lunch, we'll proceed to Siena, where you'll immediately notice an ancient and mysterious atmosphere floating through the little, narrow streets and squares. You'll feel as if you've stepped backwards in time.

Draped on its three hills, Siena is a very beautiful city to visit, a flamboyant medieval ensemble of places and towers cast in warm, brown, Siena-coloured bricks. It's soaring skyline is it's pride, dominated by the gothic cathedral (Duomo is one of the most spectacular in Italy and one of the few to have been built south of the Alps in full gothic style) and the taut needle of the Torre del Mangia and yet the shell shaped Piazza del Campo, probably captures the most attention and fame. It has been seen in films, photographs, and advertising campaigns. The bricks cover the sweetly sloping land underneath and are witness to many events in history, but the most intriguing is the "Palio" horserace, one of the most important things in the life of a Siena native. In the piazza on 2 July and 16 August there is a bareback horse race that was first recorded in 1283, but may have had its origins in Roman military training. On those days mayhem takes over this small town and non-natives can observe local patriotism at its best and worst. Any and everything will be done passionately to bring home the prize.

The price is the "Palio", a banner to be shown off with pride for the whole neighbourhood it represents. At the end you will drive back to Livorno pier on perfect time to reboard your ship.

BEST: Florence and Pisa Tour from Livorno cruise port

from €480 per unit

This Private Tuscany Shore Excursion from Livorno will take you to the two most classic sights of Tuscany: Florence and Pisa.

The marvellous Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance and there is no doubt that Florence is the single city with the highest concentration of art in the world. Not only its museums and monument are a "must see" for any traveller coming to Florence, but the city as a whole features an incomparable beauty, that made Florence become famous as the most elegant city in the world.

The Tuscany shore excursion will also take you to Pisa with the Miracle Square and the Leaning Tower or Pisa, Cathedral, Baptistery and “Campo Santo” form the architectural complex which commonly gets Pisa to be considered one of the most important art cities in the whole of Europe not just in Tuscany or Italy.