What to do in Livorno

Visit Livorno during a Mediterranean cruise


Livorno is the third largest seaport on the west coast of the country and the youngest large city in Tuscany. From the port, you can already see one of the forts. They are remnants of the fortifications from the early days of the city.

In the 15th century, Livorno, then a fishing village, transformed into a port as an alternative to the port of Pisa, which began to silt. The architect Buontalente was commissioned to build a new city with a huge Piazza Grande and a network of wide avenues.

Driven by the Medici family, the city flourished. Arabs, Jews and Turks contributed to the growth of Livorno. Like many strategic places in Italy, Livorno was heavily bombed during World War II. Some historical monuments were damaged heavily.

Because of its ideal location, Livorno is a good base for exploring Tuscany, with cities such as Pisa, Florence and Lucca as highlights. Livorno is sometimes called "Venezia Nuovo" because of the many canals that traverse the city.


The city of Livorno has more landmarks than you would expect.  Most cruise passengers leave the city immediately to visit Pisa, Lucca, Florence, the Cinque Terre or the Chianti wine region, but if you have some time left it is worth a visit. 2 to 3 hours are sufficient.

Popular ports for an excursion to Livorno are: