Highlights in La Spezia (Cinque Terre)

Highlights in La Spezia (Cinque Terre) during a Mediterranean cruise

Castle of San Giorgio

  • castle with watchtower
  • dating back to the 13th century
  • built by Niccolò Fieschi
  • houses the archeological museum

Santa Maria Assunta

  • The Church Our Lady of the Assumption
  • dates back to the 13th century
  • contains a lot of artworks

Cristo Re dei Secoli

  • Modern cathedral of Christ the King of Centuries
  • designed and built in the 70s by Adelberto Libera
  • with different kinds of architecture

Naval Museum

  • 19th-century military buildings with Naval Museum
  • area of 165 hectares with 12 kilometres of roads
  • important naval base
  • Military Shipyard

Amedeo lia museum

  • Civic Museum of Ancient Art
  • includes paintings from XIII to XVIII century
  • includes ivory and silver objects from the Middle Ages and Renaissance