Excursions in Herculaneum

Excursions in Herculaneum during a Mediterranean cruise

Pompei - Vesuvio - Ercolano Private tour

from €285 per unit

An incredibly fascinating and interesting tour that is also highly educating. It is the only place in the world that offers you the opportunity to visit two extremely well preserved ancient towns and then drive to the top of the very volcano that destroyed them nearly two thousand years ago and yet rendered them eternal.

This tour gives the visitors the unique chance to experience, as if they had a time machine, how those ancient Romans lived and admire the level of civic progress and artistic skills they had reached so many years ago laying the foundations of western civilization. After the fall of the Roman Empire such levels of progress were only reached in the 17th and 18th century.

The route that takes to the top of mount Vesuvius goes through a National Park of unusual beauty. Pine forests a lush woods, brooms by the bright yellow flowers and an uncanny volcanic landscape.

A most spectacular drive with amazing views of the bay of Naples.