Excursions in Cagliari

Excursions in Cagliari during a Mediterranean cruise

2.5h Cagliari Segway Tour

from €52 per person

If you want to discover the highlights of Cagliari in an easy, convenient and funny way, you absolutely have to take part in the 2.5 hour Cagliari Segway Tour. This is a special tour for cruise passengers arriving at Cagliari cruise port.

This Segway tour starts in front of Stazione Marittima close to the cruise port. If you are on a cruise to Calgiari it’s easy to reach it. Your tour guide will wait for you here.

With a short training session you will comprehend in an extremely fast and simple way the fundamental concepts of the use of Segway. Each Segway is equipped with an audio-guide system, available in Italian and English.

Cagliari's heart springs and rises, rather bare and proud, upon a hill, which thanks to Segway we will reach effortlessly, especially during the sun-drenched days of the Sardinian capital.

You will have the chance to visit the hidden and fascinating tiny alleys of the old city, hardly accessible by other means of transport.

You will glide along this route and see following highlights: Stazione Marittima, Cagliari Port, Palazzo Civico, Marina area, Piazza Yenne, Obelisco Piazza Martiri, Scalinata Bastione Saint Remy, Porta di San Pancrazio, Piazza Indipendenza, Castle District, Torre San Pancrazio, Porta Cristina, Viale Buoncammino, Amphitheatre, Prison, Palazzo Regio, Cathedral, Bastion, Torre dell’Elefante, Porta dei Leoni

This is a tour that will not only allow you to explore the city in a thorough and efficient way but will transform your experience into a magic adventure.

BARUMINI: archaeology, cheese and wine tasting, easy walk

from €75 per person

We'll visit su Nuraxi , one of Sardinian UNESCO World Heritage site. This impressive monument is a peculiar sign of building skills and originality of Nuragic civilization, which started during the Ancient Bronze Age (1800-1600 b.C.) and finished with the Roman conquest of Sardinia in 238 b.C. The traces of Nuragic society are scattered troughout the Island, counting about 7 thousand Nuraghe, pit temples, fonts, megaron temples, giants' tombs.

Upon request:
-wine and pecorino cheese tasting
-easy walk through the Giara plateau where live the only specimens of wild small horses (about 600) of a particular race. We'll discover the beauty of this Mediterranean environment, rich in wind-twisted cork-oaks and smelling bushes, with its spectacular ponds and peculiar sheperds huts.

Cagliari City Tour

from €60 per person

Cagliari City is a must see for cruisers. It is a beautiful modern town that also offers a glimpse into the city’s past. The city offers great beaches and a glimpse of nature that you will love.

You can begin this tour at the free shuttle bus stop at Calgiari cruise port.

From the port, you will enter the main street via Roma. Nearby, you will see the beach of Poetto. The beach is ten kilometers long. One of the top attractions is the “Sella del Diavolo” (Devil’s Saddle). The salt pools are a scarlet color during the period of maximum water evaporation and in the winter they attract a large number of birds – particularly pink flamingos.

Also during the tour, you will visit the Basilica of Bonaria. From the location, you get a picturesque view of the Gulf of Cagliari. This is a great photo opportunity.

In the south, you will find the Golfo Degli Angeli – “Gulf of the Angels”. The lagoons are almost entirely enclosed by the urban network of the town, with its wide suburban belt flights of flamingos, ducks and herons.

The town walls were built by the Aragonese. Your walking tour will begin by the quartel of “Castello”, first taking you into the town and passing by the National Archaeological Museum, which houses collections from the early Sardinian and Nuragica civilizations. The National Archaeological Museum also houses artifacts from the Phoenician, Carthaginesian, and Roman civilizations.

Inside the center of the city you will see the medieval tower of St. Pancrazio. The next sight on your tour will be Saint Mary’s cathedral that dates back to the Romanesque period, to which the bell tower belongs (it was subsequently restored and modified in the Baroque style in the 17th century). Below the altar is the sanctuary. There are three chapels where urns are stored. They are believed to contain the remains of martyrs.

After Saint Mary’s cathedral, you will enter the old city and finish your trip by visiting the bastion of Saint Remy. At the end of your tour, you will be provided with free time to shop in the Manno area.

Ending Point: At the end of the excursion, your get back to the starting point or you can stay longer in the city.

Fiat 500 City Tour

from €80 per person

"Fiat 500 City Tour" is a panoramic city tour with a private old car and last about 4 hours. It's a wonderful tour  inside the City of Cagliari between its greatness and landscapes, going through the history from the Nuragic civilization from Sardinia to the Modern age.

You can see the city from the panoramic points on board the mythical car by italian style.

Cagliari it's become a fantastic city for cruisers, thanks to her wonderful weather and the many cultural and historical attraction inside the city centre and around her coasts.

During the tour we will visit the Basilique of Bonaria erected by Alfonso d'Aragona in 1323 and became the bigger catholic temple in the island, the "Poetto beach" situated in the Angels gulf that start near the natural monument of Devil's Saddle, The "Molentargius Park lagoon", the house of Pink Flamingos and the other kinds of birds. You can enjoy a walking tour in an medieval city centre "Castello" build by the Pisans, we will visit the old neighborhood of Castello, the king palace from Savoy with her charme, the Cathedral of Santa Maria with her old crypt and the St.Remy bastion. During this tour you can see a old entrance"Cristina's portal", San Pancrazio and Elephant tower, Boyl Palace, Indipendence square, "Santa Croce" bastion and a new garden under the walls. Before finish the tour you can walk in the shopping street and places near the bars and restaurants. 

The starting point is near the shuttle bus stop in the Cagliari Harbour and during about 4 hours and the tourist guide, ticket entrance and insurance are included.

At the end of the excursion, your get back to the starting point or you can stay longer in the city.

Lighthouse tour

from €65 per person

Discovering these places so mythical as fundamental for navigation. The lonely life of the lighthouse keepers and their families is always shrouded in mystery and loneliness hides the qualities that only those who live or lived in a lighthouse can have. 

Now, for the first time, you can step foot into these territory, in a natural and unspoiled island, climb the hills to the lighthouses and enjoy the same incredible views from the lantern balcony that up until now only resident lighthouse keepers could have enjoyed.

Our tour begins at your accomodation or where do you prefer, where our local guide will greet you. Our guide will accompany you on your journey to the lighthouses' area in the southern Sardinia.
Through to the summit area from lighthouse and whilst regaling you with historic tales as well as information on the flora and fauna of the area. All the time surrounded by stunning views and the sea air.

"It happens in life, that during the storms the light of day turns, suddently, in the darkest of nights. The routes always jokes become impassable and the coastline unknown. Then suddently, appear distant lights that indicate new shelters, until the great lighthouse where you can find relief and safety".

(Barbara Calanca - Fari di Sardegna - Paolo Sorba Editore)

Starting point near the free shuttle bus stop in the Cagliari Harbour.

At the end of the tour you can choose between come back to the harbour o discover the Cagliari city centre.

Cagliari walking tour

from €30 per person

Cagliari means sea, sun, monuments, wonderful vistas in a whole. Its profile is made of a most peculiar mix of architecture, customs and traditions influenced by different dominations: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Spanish, Piedmontese…

We'll walk through Porta Cristina and visit the Medieval quarter called “Castello” (Castle). We'll see the fourteenth-century Pisan towers, San Pancrazio and Elefante, visit the Governor's Palace and the Cathedral. We'll enjoy the most beautiful view of the town from the Bastion "Saint Remy".

Upon request:

  • visit the National Archaeological Museum and the Stone Warriors Exposition
  • wine tasting
  • bus sightseeing tour
  • cooking lesson
  • Devil's saddle hiking
  • easy walk through the Molentargius Lagoon.

San Benedetto market and cooking lesson

from €95 per person

Discover the food, wine, and culture of this wonderful Italian region. It will make your vacation unforgettable! Spend a fabulous half-day learning to cook authentic Sardinian and Italian dishes in an informal and friendly environment. We will teach you to make splendid four course lunches/dinners covering all the basic local cooking techniques. Recipes vary according to the seasons. We use only the freshest ingredients available!


09:30 Visit of the San Benedetto fresh food market

10.30 The chef will present the day’s menu and he will teach you how to make delicious Sardinian/Italian recipes. You will learn the basic skills necessary to prepare authentic Italian dishes (hand-made ravioli,lamb with artichokes, desserts and sauces for example), from starter to dessert! All the Recipes come from the Sardinia tradition.

13:00 Enjoy the fruits of your work! Eat the foods that you just created.

The one day cooking class is available year round on request.

Wine tour Experience

from €75 per person

Wine tour experience take you inside the most prestigious Sardinia wineries: we will meet producers, visit the vineyards and taste the wines with an expert ONAV guide, (the professional Italian wine taster). Tastings and brunch will be for you an unforgettable experience.

You will meet a nice piece of Sardinian culture.

Depart from Cagliari to wine cellars. Visit the vineyards, acquisition of knowledge of the area and the grapes. Visit the winery and understand the different stages of production: from grapes to bottling. Visit the place of wine storage and the "barrique local". Wine tasting with tasting course and brunch. Panoramic city tour before come back.

What a man calls his ”conscience” is merely the mental action that follows a sentimental reaction after too much wine or love. (Helen Rowland).