The cruise port of Bari

Cruise ship pier location in Bari

The cruise port of Bari is located on the east side of the harbor and north of the historical center.The port of Bari has a major ferry connection between Italy, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and Greece. It can get really busy. For cruise passengers, there is a big and new cruise terminal building where transportation to the city can be found. You will dock within walking distance of the city center and its landmarks.

For ships up to 280 m (Costa, Tui, Aida and Royal C.) passengers are supposed to disembark directly at the Dock closed to the Main Cruise Terminal. For the other bigger ships supposed to arrive at the
San Vito Dock (walking distance 5/7 minutes from the main terminal).

The cruise port of Bari often serves as a base for an excursion to Alberobello.

Cruise to Bari

Bari is often scheduled during a cruise vacation to Italy. It's an important port city in the south of Italy near the Adriatic Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean. Due to its nice location and shore excursion possibilities it's quite popular.

Bari Cruise terminal

The Bari cruise port has 3 separate docks for:

  • ferries
  • freight vessels
  • cruise ships

Inside Bari Cruise Terminal you will find:

  • check-in desks
  • waiting area
  • souvenir shop
  • drink machines
  • bus, taxi services
  • shuttle services

Bari Cruise facts

Language in Bari
The language in Bari is Italian, but on touristic spots you can also use English.

Currency in Bari
The currency in Bari is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s along the city.

Opening times in Bari
Opening times differ a lot around Italy, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.00h - 13.00h
  • and 15.30h - 19.30h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions

Landmarks and highlights in Bari

  • Basilica di San Nicola

    Basilica di San Nicola was built in the 11th-12th centuries. It contains the relics of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. This basilica is dedicated to St. Nicholas and is regarded as the prototype of the Romanesque style.

  • Castello Normanno-Svevo

    Castello Normanno-Svevo is a well preserved castle in the center of the city. It was built in the 12th century by the Norman King Roger II.

  • Cattedrale di San Sabino

    Cattedrale di San Sabino is dedicated to Saint Sabino and built in the 12th - 13th century (Romanesque style).The original building (from the 11th century) was in Byzantine style, but later it was destroyed.

  • Museo Archeologico

    This archaeological Museum was founded in 1875. It contains the most complete collection of the Apulian (= name of region) archaeological artefacts.

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Getting around in Bari

It's easy to get from Bari port to the city center. The port area is very big, but the cruiset erminal is quite close to the center. You can walk or use the shuttle bus. If you want to go to the trainstation you can also go by public bus which makes a stop just in front of the cruise terminal.

For a shore excursion to Alberobello you have serveral good transportation options. Taxi, train or public bus.

Shore excursions around Bari

The city of Bari itself is worth a visit. You can soak up the typical Mediterranean atmosphere and visit some historical monuments. Yet many cruise passengers opt for an excursion to Alberobello at about 70 kilometers from Bari. You can see the very typical limestone houses belonging to the UNESCO World Heritage.

Weather in Bari

Bari has a typical semi-arid Mediterranean climate with dry hot summers and wet mild winters. The average annual temperature in summer is between 27°C and 30°C and in winter is between 5°C and 9°C.

Bari Tourist information

The Tourist Office is located near the train station. Another one is situated near the exit of the harbor. You can get a free city map.

Cruises to Bari

The following cruise lines offer itineraries and schedules to and from Bari:

AIDA, Costa, MSC, Oceania, Princess, RSSC, Silversea, TUI

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