Highlights in Ancona

Highlights in Ancona during a Mediterranean cruise

Ancona Cathedral

  • church dedicated to Judas Cyriacus
  • with Romanesque-Byzantine Gothic elements
  • located on the former site of the Greek acropolis

Arch of Trajan

  • 18 meter high marble arch
  • in honor of Trajanus
  • founded in 114-115
  • entrance to the causeway atop the harbor wall


  • Lazzaretto "Vanvitelliana Mole" is a pentagonal building
  • designed in 1732 by architect Luigi Vanvitelli
  • with an area of ​​20,000 sqm
  • used as a military hospital and barracks

Palazzo del Comune

  • palace in Ancona
  • built in 1250
  • designed by Margaritone d'Arezzo

Santissimo Sacramento church

  • church from the 16th century
  • situated next to Teatro delle Muse, close to the port
  • baroque style

Santi Pellegrino e Teresa church

  • duomo dedicated to Saint Teresa Pellegrino
  • located on the central Senate Square
  • dating from the 18th century
  • designed by architect Giovanni Battista Bartoli