Highlights in Jerusalem

Highlights in Jerusalem during a Mediterranean cruise

Wailing Wall

  • most sacred site for the Jews
  • surrounded the Jewish Temple courtyard
  • men and women pray separately

Dome of the Rock Mosque

  • mosque and holy place at the Temple Mount
  • built on the site where Abraham had to sacrifice his son to God
  • dates from the 7th century
  • since the 70s only accessible for Muslims

Tower of David

  • Medieval Citadel of Jerusalem
  • the place where was the palace of King David (accordig to legends)
  • located in the famous Jaffa Gate
  • museum with a wealth of archaeological finds

Holy Sepulchre

  • church on the place where Jesus would be crucified and buried
  • dates from the 4th century
  • there is a large marble stone at the place where he would be embalmed

Via Dolorosa

  • the way where Jesus walked during his sentencing
  • stops at the Holy Sepulchre Church
  • with 14 sculptures which describe important stages of his crusade

Yad Vashem

  • Holocaust museum
  • located on a hill in the city of New
  • remembers the millions of Jews who perished during the Second World War

Museum of Israel

  • Museum of Biblical History and Archaeology
  • best known for the Dead Sea Scrolls (founded in 1947)

Mount of olives

  • according to legend the place where  the Last Dinner was held
  • where Jesus was betrayed by Judas
  • with stunning views over the Old City and the Dome of the Rock