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Rhodes is the capital of the island. The city is traditionally located at the crossroads of merchant shipping just a few kilometers from Turkey. Rhodes was already founded in the 5th century BC. Famous Romans like Cicero and Julius Caesar stayed there a short time.

From the 14th century it was the capital in hands of the Knights of St John for over two centuries. They established a Crusader state and the buildings from that time are today the main highlights of Rhodes.

The historical city center was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the best preserved fortified cities in the world.

Rhodes is also known for its Colossus. It was a huge statue that according to the legend would have been standing over the entrance of the harbor. "The Colossus of Rhodes" has become an icon that you can see anywhere on the island.

Practical info

During a visit to Rhodes you go back in time. The historic city center is not very big, but you can stroll around for at least half a day or longer.

A combined visit to the nearby Lindos is also recommended. In the latter case count on a whole day.

Highlights in Rhodes

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