What to do in Oia

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Oia is perhaps the most charming place on the island of Santorini. It's less crowded than in Fira and as a guide once said: "In Oia you will see what you expect to see on the island of Santorini".

The most fantastic postcard pictures are taken in Oia. Whitewashed houses, bright blue roofs, churches, streets and squares.

From a distance Oia also looks even better than Fira because the town is built on a sloping piece of the cliffs. The houses seem to stick to the mountainside and form one harmonious whole by the different height levels. Sometimes it resembles an abstract artwork.

Practical info

Oia is only 11 kilometers from Fira and is easily accessible by public bus. The city itself is not so big, but it's great to stroll around. Count on about 2-3 hours for this excursion.

Highlights in Oia

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