Transportation from the port of Katakolon


Train from Katakolon to Olympia


There is a good train connection between the cruise port of Katakolon and Olympia. Until 2011 many modern trains ran every day. At the time of our visit in July 2012 there were no more trains and we got very confusing information.

Because of the economic crisis, the connections are temporarily stopped. On the official website of the Greek Railways no more timetable for this connection can be found. On the website of Katakolon is said that the train is back, but this update is from July 2011.

A ShoreBee cruisefan who visited Katakolon in November 2012 confirmed that there are no trains.

How do I get to the train station from the cruise port of Katakolon?

Katakolon train is 400 meters walk from the cruise port. If you leave the pier, walk to the right along the marina or the main street. At the end of the large parking lot you will see the train station.

Public bus

Public bus from Katakolon to Olympia

€4 per persoon
1-2 per uur
50 minuten

There is no direct bus connection between Katakolon and Olympia by public transport (KTEL bus). You must change buses in Purgos. There are many buses per day and you pay € 8 per person (return). Check the current bus timetable before you leave.

Here you can find organized direct bus connections between Katakolon and Olympia.


Taxi from Katakolon to Olympia

€30 per taxi
bepaal je zelf
30 minuten

Olympia is about 40 kilometers from Katakolon. A taxi ride takes around 30 minutes and costs about € 30 per taxi (4 persons one way).