Highlights in Athens

Highlights in Athens during a Mediterranean cruise


  • 156 meters high table mountain in the center of town
  • former sanctuary
  • with  the most famous monument - Parthenon

Dionysus Theatre

  • the oldest theater building in Europe
  • built in nine different construction phases
  • dates from the 6th century
  • place for 17,000 spectators


  • Agora (assembly) from the 6th century BC.
  • was the center of Athenian democracy
  • there were the main buildings for administration and justice

Temple of Olympian Zeus

  • temple dedicated to Zeus
  • the largest temple in Greece
  • situated between the Acropolis and the river Ilissos

National Archaeological Museum

  • Archaeological Museum from 1866
  • designed by architect Ludwig Lange
  • with collections of ancient Greek art