Subway from Piraeus to Athens

A fast, efficient and inexpensive way to travel from Piraeus to Athens is by metro. From Piraeus ISAP metro station it's about 15 minutes to Monastiraki in the center of Athens. From there you can walk to the Plaka district and the Acropolis. Take the green line in the direction of Kifissia. A combined ticket (bus, subway) costs only € 1.40 per person and is valid until 90 minutes after validation. A large part of the metro network is above ground. Some of our partners offer excursions which start at a metro station.

TIP: Would you rather go straight to the Acropolis? Take the same green metro line to Omonia and change to the red line towards Helliniko. Get off at Acropolis metro station.

How do I get to the metro station from the cruise port in Piraeus?

The metro station is about 20 minutes walk from the cruise terminal. Walk on from Miaoulis Avenue and stay close to the harbor. You pass several gates all starting with the letter 'E'. The metro station is opposite gate E6. You can also recognize the station by the (only) pedestrian bridge over the busy port road. A taxi from the cruise terminal to the metro station costs about € 10 per taxi (4 persons one way).

TIP: You can also opt for bus N° 859, 843 or 826 at Miaoulis avenue. They all make a stop at the metro station. Buy a combined ticket (bus, subway) from € 1.40 per person (valid until 90 minutes after validation).

15 kilometer
15 minuten
€1,40 per persoon
4-5 per uur

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