What is a cruise?

What is a cruise?

What's so special about taking a cruise?

What makes a cruise or cruise vacation so special? Why are cruises so popular? Why most first time cruisers are so enthusiast and will become repeaters?

A floating holiday resort

A cruise ship is like a large floating holiday resort. On board you can enjoy theluxury and comfort of a star hotel and you can choose from different activities. Mostcruise ships are equipped with several restaurants, bars, casinos, swimming pools, Jacuzzi, spa, gym, shops, theater, cinema,… Modern cruise ships are very well laid out, leaving much space. The interior is tastefully decorated with an eye for detail and design. During your cruise vacation you will be pampered by friendly and well trained staff.

A wide range of destinations

You can take a cruise just about everywhere in the world. The most popular cruise destinations are the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. In recent years, more and more cruise passengers find their way to destinations such as Alaska, Northern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Each itinerary provides a range of destinations and duringyour cruise vacation you will visit a different place every day. And yet you have to pack and unpack your suitcase only once! Your hotel travels with you.

Fascinating excursions and activities

Every day on board of a cruise ship you have a large choice from various activities. From relaxation to sports. From culinary delights to top entertainment. During your time ashore you can enjoy fascinating excursions and trips. You can spend your time free yourself or book shore excursions through the cruise line company.

Something for everyone

Due to the increased popularity of cruises, there are now several cruise vacationformulas. From chic and formal over casual to leisure and free style cruising. Cruise line companies often use a mix of different formulas. A cruise is suitable for young, old,couples, singles or families with children. So something for everyone!

The sensation of freedom

In the movie Titanic, the actor Leonardi Di Caprio screams "I'm the king of the world", while standing on the bow of the ship. If you were standing on the deck of a cruise ship on the high sea, tasted and felt the salty sea breeze and know how itsounds when the foaming waves break against the bow, then you know what freedomis.