What happens during a cruise vacation

What happens during a cruise vacation?

Different options and activities on a cruise

Taking a cruise is an unforgettable experience. There is a lot to do and you will never get bored. Both the life on board and the shore excursions will make your cruise vacation a unique experience. You can not compare it with any other holiday formula. How does it work?

The sea and the land

The recipe of a cruise vacation is simple: you sail and you visitdifferent places ashore. Usually you sail in the evening and at night. During the day your cruise ship docks in a port or anchors in a bay. You then have time to make excursions. Many cruise line companies insert one or more sea days in the cruise itinerary. You'rea day at sea to fully enjoy the facilities on board.

Activities on board

Aboard a cruise ship is so much to do, that cruise line companies will provide you with a special Daily Program. You get this every evening in your cabin in the form of a newsletter or leaflet. You will find allinformation about the program of the next day. Activities, opening times, entertainment, restaurants, tours, shows, practical tips, ... Also,the expected arrival time for your next port of call is provided.


Docking in port

When mooring, there are 2 options. Or you dock at a pier in a port, where you can easily walk ashore. Or your cruise ship will anchor andyou will be brought ashore with a tender boat. Which option it will be depends on the facilities in port, the size of your cruise ship and the traffic in port. You can ask your cruise line company in advance whether you will dock or anchor. Sometimes they will also not know the answer a long time in advance.

Shore excursions and tours

Once ashore you can easily make excursions. The cruise line companies offer a wide range of shore excursions (against payment). In most cases you can already book excursions immediately after booking your cruise. Also on the ship you can purchase tickets at the shore excursion desk. You are not obliged to book your excursionsthrough the cruise line company. You are free to go on your own or tobook elsewhere.