5 prejudices about cruises

5 prejudices about cruises

Frequent misconceptions about a cruise holiday

There are still many prejudices and misconceptions about cruises. These are mostly maintained by people who have never made ​​a cruise holiday. The cruise industry has evolved tremendously and has an enormous popularity. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions.

1. A cruise is for older people

Perhaps this has ever been so because they were the only ones withtime and money to take a cruise. Now there are cruises for all agesand audiences. Couples, singles, elderly, young people, families withchildren, ... On board you will often find a good mix of different people from different nationalities. Because of the many facilities on board, there is something for everyone. The focus may vary by company andship, so inform you well in advance.

2. Cruises are boring

A week on a ship, locked in a cabin. Every day at sea and play bingo games. Ok, this sounds boring! In reality, it is different. You sail in the evening and at night and every day you are in a different destination where you can make fascinating excursions. Cruise ships are very well designed so there’s much space and light on board. The Daily Program is full of activities and entertainment. You will not be bored for a minute. And if you want to take it easy for a moment, it will be with a cocktail in your hand on a lounger by the pool.

3. Cruises are elitist

Every evening in a tuxedo or gala dress. Sip cocktails at the Captains Night. Name cards on the table during a 7 course dinner of five hours. It still exists for those who love it, but most cruises are different. More and more cruise line companies use the "freestyle cruising” concept where you can be who you really are. Relaxed and on vacation. For a number of occasions there are stricter dress codes, but never withan elitist character. Thus, slippers and bathing attire are notappropriate during dinner. Normal, right?

4. You spend the whole day at sea

Yep! A cruise ship is moving on the water, but this doesn’t mean thatyou won’t see any land during your cruise vacation. On the contrary! A cruise ship sails during the evening and at night. Every day you dock in another place and you can make different excursions or activities. Sometimes they insert a sea day. Each day you spendbetween 6 and 10 hours ashore. You can also stay on board, but that is upon your own choice. Modern ships are also stable on the water, so you'll hardly notice you're at sea. Although a rough sea canbe tedious.

5. Cruises are expensive

Cruises are not necessarily more expensive than other vacationpackages. In recent years, cruises are very well priced. This can of course vary depending on the cruise concept or the shipping company. Most cruises are on full board basis with all meals and somebeverages included. Almost all facilities on board are free of charge.The ticket of the cruise is getting cheaper and cheaper, so cruise lines are trying to earn extra once you are on board. For example, prices for excursions are often very expensive, but now you have a good alternative with ShoreBee!