What to do in Warnemunde

Visit Warnemunde during your cruise vacation

Warnemunde is a centre of maritime traffic, it is small but very popular seaside town of the city of Rostock, Germany located on a Baltic Sea. 

Cruise ships usually dock at cruise terminal very close to the city centre or railway station.

Cruise passengers have a lot of options from Warnemunde. You can visit Berlin, Rostock or Schwerin. 

In Warnemünde you can find a nice sandy 3km beach in the north of the city. If the weather is warm you can swim or just relax there. Near the beach promenade you will see the famous Warnemünde lighthouse, dates back from 1897 with breathtaking views from the top of the lighthouse.

Practical info

Warnemunde has a lot to offer and is worth a visit. The best part about Warnemunde for cruise passengers is the possibility to view its many sights on foot, you dock very close to the city centre. Even with a few hours to sightsee, cruise passengers can still have a great experience in this beautiful city.

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