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Hamburg is one of the largest cities in Germany and a major tourist destination for both cruise passengers as well as air travelers. Hamburg is a city that beckons tourists from all over the world with its unique architecture, a beautiful system of canals and bridges, stunning views, continental cuisine and a rich cultural scene.

Hamburg is a city that has something to offer for all personality types. The Reeperbahn is the place to go for those who want to experience Hamburg’s nightlife; the infamous red light district has transformed over the years, and now has many nightclubs and art galleries for visitors to go to. Hamburg also offers a truly enriching arts and culture scene with numerous theaters, art galleries and museums. The city has a fascinating history that captivates many, from its role in the Second World War, to being the city where the Beatles played their music at the start of their career in the sixties.

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Hamburg has a lot to offer and is worth a visit. The best part about Hamburg for cruise passengers is the possibility to view its many sights on foot, or through a very easily accessible metro. Even with a few hours to sightsee, cruise passengers can still have a great experience in this beautiful city.

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