What to do in Berlin

Visit Berlin during a Mediterranean cruise


Berlin is the largest city in Germany as well as its capital. The city not only offers visitors the opportunity to delve into its historical legacy but also offers many other exciting sightseeing experiences. From landmarks such as The Brandenburg Gate serving as a reminder of the glorious Prussian era, The Berlin Wall Memorial from the times of the Cold War to historical sites such as the Berlin Cathedral with their grand architecture, Berlin will never bore you.

Berlin has become a happening tourist destination in Europe being known for its many thrilling festivals, its nightlife, fine dining and diverse arts and culture scene. From its many performing arts venues, art museums and galleries to its historical highlights such as The Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin is a city you shouldn’t miss.


Berlin is a large city and getting around on foot is generally difficult, especially if you are short on time. However it offers an excellent public transport system. Visitors can also hail cabs to travel between destinations. For more information on getting around in Berlin visit this website.

Berlin is located about 290 Km from Hamburg, and is easily accessible from here. Visitors should take a look at travel times and costs before making their decision. The fastest trains take about 1.5 hours to reach Berlin and are perhaps the best option for cruise passengers, so they can make the most of their time at the port. Leave as early as possible so you can explore this charming city and get back in time.

Popular ports for an excursion to Berlin are: