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Cannes is centrally located at the Côte d'Azur. The city  is famous for its annual film festival. The film festival of Cannes, which takes place at the Palais de Festivals, near the beach, attracts many celebrities, directors, producers and journalists from all over the world.

Cannes has a glamorous and cosmopolitan character. Along the famous Boulevard du Croissette, impressive five-star hotels and luxurious boutiques can be found. In the marina, not far from the beautiful sandy beaches, the world's most expensive yachts are anchored. The historical center is situated on top of a rock. Here, the coolness and tranquility of the small alleys and medieval buildings transport the traveler into a different world.

Practical info

Cannes is a delightful city to visit. However, once the film festival has ended, chances to run into a celebrity are slim. Exploring Cannes might take a few hours. Make sure to take travel time into account if coming from out-of-town.


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