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Once the capital of the Provence. Later on a major university town. When Aix was founded by the Romans in 122 BC, it received the name 'Aqua Sextiae' because of the different sources of hot and cold water that were present. In the 15th century, the University of Aix was established and became an important knowledge center. This period is known as the golden age of Aix.

During religious wars between Protestants and Catholicsbetween Protestants and Catholicsbetween Protestants and Catholics in the 16th century, a significant part of the cultural heritage was lost. In the 17th century, the city walls, built by the Romans, were torn down and the city was expanded. The famous 'Cours Mirabeau' was constructed. This beautiful planes-lined avenue with imposing mansions was named after the revolutionist and orator, Comte de Mirabeau. The avenue leads to Place du General de Gaulle with the Fontaine de la Rotonde, a cast iron fountain erected in 1860.

The old quarter, featuring Aix' major highlights,  is located north of the Cours Mirabeau. Many artists, including the painter Cézanne, were inspired by the unique light, the beautiful surroundings, and the peaceful way of life. Because of its central location, Aix-En-Provence is is the perfect starting point for many travelers to explore the Provence.

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Aix-En-Provence is definitely worth a visitHalf a day or longer is needed to explore the city. Keep the travel time to and from the port in mind.

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