Highlights in Villefranche

Highlights in Villefranche during a Mediterranean cruise

Église Saint-Michel

  • church dedicated to St. Michael
  • dating from 1750
  • in baroque style
  • with large painting of Jesus known as 'Christ of the Galleys'

la Darse

  • old port from the 17th century
  • now a marina
  • site of the Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche

La Citadelle

  • citadel of the city
  • dating from 1557
  • now used as town hall, convention center, museum, summer theater

Villa La Leopolda

  • large villa on the French Riviera of King Leopold II of Belgium
  • dates from 1929
  • during World War I used as a military hospital
  • now one of the most expensive villas in the world