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The cruise port of Saint-Tropez

Cruise ship pier location in Saint-Tropez

The port of Saint-Tropez is too small for cruise ships and only yachts can dock in the port. Cruise ships will anchor in the bay and you will come ashore near the new port by tender boat. The port is within walking distance of the center of Saint-Tropez and its sights.

Cruise to Saint-Tropez

During a cruise vacation to France, Saint-Tropez is often not on the program. Yet, this sophisticated city is beautifully situated along the Western Mediterranean and definitely worth a visit. There are not many cruise line companies that offer cruises to Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez Cruise terminal

There's no cruise terminal in Saint-Tropez. The harbor is very small and cruise ships are simply too big to dock. You come ashore by tender boat and are within walking distance from the center.

Saint-Tropez Cruise facts

Language in Saint-Tropez
The language in Saint-Tropez is French, but  English can be used.

Currency in Saint-Tropez
The currency in Saint-Tropez is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s in the city.

Opening times in Saint-Tropez
Opening times differ in France, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.00h - 12.00h
  • and 14.00h - 19.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course, there are exceptions.

Landmarks and highlights in Saint-Tropez

  • Baie de Pampelonne

    Baie de Pampelonne are the most popular beaches of Saint-Tropez. They are located south of the city. There are lots of restaurants and cafes on the waterfront.

  • Citadelle de Saint-Tropez

    Citadelle de Saint-Tropez is a castle dating from 1590. It is situated atop a hill and has a stunning view over the city and the bay.

  • Gendarmerie Nationale de Saint-Tropez

    Gendarmerie Nationale de Saint-Tropez is the  world famous police office in Saint-Tropez. It became famous in the movie 'Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez' with actor Louis de Funès.

  • Notre-Dame de-l’Assomption

    Notre-Dame de-l’Assomption is a church in Baroque style with bell tower in ocher and pink shades.

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Getting around in Saint-Tropez

In Saint-Tropez, you can easily visit everything on foot. The town is very small and easy to reach from the tender boat station. For excursions outside Saint-Tropez there are connections by public transportion available but often the time schedules do not match with the ones of the cruise lines. You better take a taxi.

Shore excursions around Saint-Tropez

During a cruise to Saint-Tropez, many cruise passengers spend the day in the small town. It is not very big, but the atmosphere is sophisticated and relaxed. You can walk to the citadel on top of the hill, relax in one of the squares or terraces at the old port. In the narrow streets you will find numerous boutiques and small art galleries.

Weather in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and humid winters.The average annual temperature in summer is between 26°C and 30°C and in winter between 3°C and 7°C

Saint-Tropez Tourist information

Close to the tender boat station is the Tourist Office. In line with the culture of Saint-Tropez, you must pay a small fee to get a city map.

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