Important places in Marseille

Important places to remember in Marseille during a Mediterranean cruise

Place de La Joliette

Bus n.°35 takes you from the exit of the cruise port to Place de la Joliette. From here you can walk to the city center, take bus n.° 55 to Vieux-Port or take a metro to the train station.

n°35 bus stop

Bus n° 35 takes you in 15 minutes from the exit of the port to Place de la Joliette. From there you have several options to quickly reach the city center.

n°55 bus stop

On Place de la Joliette, you can take bus n° 55 to Vieux-Port, the center of Marseille. You can also walk there.

train station Saint-Charles

Gare Saint-Charles, the train station in Marseille, is located on Place de Marseillaises, outside the city center. The station is very large and busy. There are good connections to destinations including Aix-En-Provence, Arles and Avignon.

metro station La Joliette

On Place de la Joliette you can take a metro to the train station Gare Saint Charles.

bus terminal

The bus terminal is located near Marseille Saint Charles train station. You can take a bus to Aix-En-Provence.

Tourist Office

You can find the Tourist Office in Vieux-Port in central Marseille.