The cruise port of Le Havre

Docking in the cruise port of Le Havre

The cruise port of Le Havre, your starting point for great excursions

Most cruise ships dock at Quai Roger Meunier or Quai Pierre Callet in Le Havre cruise port. Both piers are close to each other. The cruise terminal building is located between them. The exact location will depend on the size of your ship and the cruise traffic of the day. You dock between 2 and 3 kilometers away from the city center of Le Havre and Le Havre train station.

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Cruise to Le Havre

During a cruise vacation to France, Le Havre is sometimes on the program. This relatively small historic city is nicely located along the Atlantic Ocean. Le Havre is especially popular due to the possible excursions to Paris.

Le Havre cruise terminal

Le Havre Cruise Terminal is located at Florida Tip. Ships can dock at Roger Meunier or Pierre Callet piers.

Le Havre has a new cruise terminal with a lot of facilities. Inside the cruise terminal of you will find:

  • shops
  • internet access
  • bicycle rentals
  • car rentals
  • taxi service

Le Havre cruise facts

Language in Le Havre
The language in Le Havre is French, but on touristic spots you can also use English.

Currency in Le Havre
The currency in Le Havre is Euro (€). You can find ATM’s along the city.

Opening times in Le Havre
Opening times differ a lot around France, but generally are as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday
  • from 9.00h - 12.00h
  • and 14.00h - 19.00h

On Sundays and holidays shops are closed. Of course there are exceptions.

Shore excursions around Le Havre

Many cruise passengers opt for an excursions to Paris

Weather in Le Havre

Le Havre has a typical Western European oceanic climate with warm dry summers and humid winters.The average annual temperature in summer is between 23°C and 26°C and in winter between 2°C and 6°C

Excursions in Paris

Excursions in Le Havre

Cruises to Le Havre

The following cruise lines offer itineraries and schedules to Le Havre: