Shuttle bus

Shuttle bus from Le Havre to Le Havre (city)

Most cruise lines offer shuttle buses from the cruise ship to the centre of Le Havre and/or Le Havre train station. The buses run frequently (every 20 mins) and you will be charged around € 10 per person for the transfer which takes about 10 minutes.

Most shuttle buses make the same stops. The first stop is at the crossing of Rue de Paris and Chaussee John Kennedy. Take this stop if you want to see the Marina and/or Le Havre Beach. The second stop is in the middle of Rue de Paris at Place Charles De Gaulle. In front of the bus stop you will find a huge white building with the shape of a volcano. “Le Volcan” is the Arts Centre.

Take this stop if you want to explore the city center. If you are in a shopping mood, get off the shuttle bus at the third stop close to Espace Coty shopping center. The fourth stop is the most important if you want to head away from Le Havre. The shuttle bus brings you in front of Docks Vauban, also a big shopping center, but on walking distance from Le Havre train and bus station.

10 minutes
€ 10 per person
3 per hour

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