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Giza is a suburb of Cairo, and is especially known for the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The pyramids of Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus are located about 8 kilometers outside the center of Giza. The complex belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage.

The pyramids are tombs where the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were buried. The pharoahs were first mummified and then buried in the burial chamber together with treasures and valuables. There is still much confusion about how exactly the pyramids were built. It is difficult to understand how the gigantic rocks were carved out and were piled on each other.

Practical info

A visit to the site of Giza takes a few hours to half a day, depending on what you want to do and whether you want to visit the inside of a pyramid. Keep in mind that the transport to the site from the cruise port takes a lot of time, leaving little room for relaxing.

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