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Cairo is the capital of Egypt and is one of the largest, but most polluted cities in the world. In Ancient Egypt , Cairo was hardly of any significance. From the 13th century the city became an important cultural center in the Middle East.

After the creation of the Suez Canal, Cairo gained international attention and the population exploded to more than 18 million and housing is a major problem.

The city is often mentioned along with the pyramids, but these are located in Giza, a suburb of Cairo.

The Nile flows through the heart of the city, which at peak times gets blocked by the chaotic traffic. In the city center there are numerous highlights and the historic center is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Practical info

A visit to Cairo will easily take a whole day, especially when you take into account the long traveling times. In the center of Cairo there are several highlights of which the Egyptian Museum is perhaps the most important.

Of course a visit to Cairo is almost always combined with a visit to the Pyramids of Giza, a suburb of the capital.

Highlights in Cairo

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