What to do in Alexandria

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Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great, from the time when Egypt was part of his vast empire. The history of Alexandria is rich and spectacular.

The city was designed in the 4th century B.C., and for almost 1000 years it was the capital of Egypt and the 2nd largest city of the Roman Empire. This all came to a sudden end with the rise of Cairo. For years after, Alexandria was no more than a large fishing village with a subordinate role.

Today, the city is a metropolis with almost 4 million inhabitants again. It's a popular resort with international appeal. Many sights are reminders of its glorious past.

Along the Corniche, a long and vivid promenade, you can enjoy a stroll along the Mediterranean.

Practical info

Alexandria has a lot to offer. There are several interesting highlights and it's a pleasant city for a stroll. Half a day or more can be spent there.

However, most cruise passengers opt for an excursion to Cairo and / or the Pyramids of Giza. In that case there will be no time left.

It depends on your next port of call as well. In many cases this is Port Said, giving you more opportunities to  explore Alexandria.

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