Cruise ports of Egypt

During a cruise vacation to Egypt you go back centuries in time and visit the cradle of our civilization. The Egyptian cruise ports are located in the Eastern Mediterranean and are guaranteed for a fascinating and well-filled excursion program. The most popular cruise destinations in the Mediterranean are:



Official language: Egyptian Arabic

Other spoken languages: English, French

Three words to remember:

  • Hello = "مرحبا"
  • Thanks = "شكرا"
  • Goodbye = "وداعا"




Currency: Egyptian PoundEgyptian PoundEgyptian PoundEgyptian PoundEgyptian PoundEgyptian Pound

Symbol: £, EGP, LE£, EGP, LE

Value: £1 = £100 piaster£1 = £100 piaster

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Opening hours


Most shops are open from:

  • 09.00h-13.00h
  • 17.00h-22.00h

During the winter:

  • 10.00h-18.00h

During Ramadan:

  • 09.30h-15.30h
  • 20.00h-22.00h

Of course there are exceptions.