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Klis-traditional dalmatian sweets tasting

a cruise excursion in Split

Duration: 4 hours
Languages: EN
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This special shore excursion will bring you to a traditional manufactory of Dalmatian sweets. You have the opportunity to see and learn how these delicacies are made. You will taste some mouth-watering homemade sweets while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

This excursion starts at the cruise port of Split, the departure point for you transfer.

At the pass between two Dalmatian mountains, Kozjak on the west and Mosor on the east side, on the crossroad of three major civilization circles (Mediterranean, Western and Eastern), at the locality soaked with history where Mediterranean meets Dalmatian hinterland Zagora, one can find the modern manufacture production facility of the traditional Dalmatian sweets.

When you step into the building, and if you close your eyes for a moment, you will feel like you jumped into the time machine that led you to some old Dalmatian kitchen on one of the islands. You will be overwhelmed with the scents of cookies, candied fruits and other delicacies that are made with a lot of love and care by cheerful ladies using those same old kinds of wooden spoons that our grandmothers used to use.

From the rich treasure chest of gastronomic Dalmatian delicacies, you will be served a couple of bites of mouth-watering traditional Dalmatian sweets such are candied almonds, limuncini or arancini (sugared lemon or orange peels) or fig cookies followed with a glass of homemade liqueur that blends perfectly with desserts.

At the terrace, with a stunning view to the sunny slopes of Mosor and Kozjak mountains and karst landscape of Dalmatian Zagora, you will taste some of award winning extra quality virgin olive oils and have a glass of premium wine.

Your journey to the gastronomic past of Dalmatia and Mediterranean will be seasoned by lovely hosts with interesting information on the origin, stories and myths related to the gastro heritage of the area.

Why this excursion?

  • DISCOUNT FOR CHILDREN: children under 10 years get 20% discount on the excursion price
  • Forget Time table, we could adjust it in accordance with your schedule
  • Private transfer
  • Tasting of traditional dalmatian sweets and olive oil

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  • Transfer
  • Tasting and tour

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Start location

This excursion starts at the cruise port of Split, the departure point for you transfer

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Klis-traditional Dalmatian sweets tasting

Taste some traditional Dalmatian delicacies while enjoying stunning views. Children under 10 years get 20% discount on the excursion price

from €60 per person