Important places in Zeebrugge

Important places to remember in Zeebrugge during a Mediterranean cruise

Kusttram stop: Zeebrugge-Kerk

This kusttram (=coastal tram) stop is the closest one from Zeebrugge cruise port. It's about 500 meters on foot from the port exit. You can easily recognize it by the church. You can take a tram to Blankenberge.

Kusttram stop: Vaart

This kusttram stop is located at walking distance from Zeebrugge Dorp train station where you can catch a train to Bruges on weekdays.

Kusttram stop: Strandwijk

Get off at this stop if you want to visit Zeebrugge Beach.

Zeebrugge Dorp train station

Zeebrugge Dorp train station is located about 2 kilometers from the cruise port exit. You can go there on foot or by tram. Get off at "Vaart" tram stop. There is no train service from this station during weekends and public holidays. During July and August there are no trains from this station. You should take the train from Zeebrugge Strand (Beach) train station.

Free shuttle drop-off

The Port Authorities provide a free shuttle bus from your cruise ship to the port exit. You can also use it on the way back to your ship.

Tourist Office Zeebrugge

You can find a Tourist Office kiosk at Zeebrugge Beach.

Zeebrugge Strand train station

Durings weekends and during July and August, trains to Bruges leave from this station. During weekdays and low season trains leave from Zeebrugge Dorp train station. From the cruise port you can go there on foot or take the tram till stop "Strandwijk".