What to take on a cruise?

What to take on a cruise?

Bringing the right luggage and how to pack for a cruise

For some people packing for a cruise can be a very stressful and tough moment. No panic! Just remember how you packed for your last vacation and use some of our next tips and packing techniques.

Which suitcase to take on a cruise

Hard suitcases are very good quality but the downside is the weight. Once fully packed they can get really heavy. Solidity should not be your biggest concern. Cruise staff handles your luggage with care and once in your room, you can slide it under your bed or store it in one of the closets. A good suitcase to take is certainly the light soft-sided one. A suitcase on wheels can make it easier for you at the airport. For a cruise bring 1 or 2 solid but light suitcases along with a carry-on bag. The last one is especially handy for shore excursions and on the first and last day of your cruise holiday.

Cruise wear

Which clothes to pack for a cruise: formal, informal, semiformal, casual, smart casual, sport, beach clothes? Before you start to pack get well informed about the dress code on board your cruise ship. This can vary considerably. Some cruises are very casual and informal. Others are elegant chic and formal. In most cases, it is a mixture of the two. Bring always a mix of clothes. Maybe you will have a nice dinner in a luxury restaurant, you will meet the captain of the ship, you will explore a lot of different new cities, you would like to rest near the swimming pool or in a beauty salon and probably you would like to use the gym during your cruise holiday. Note that outdoor at sea it can be chilly. Also inside air conditioning is widely used. Provide well-dressed, comfortable and solid shoes. Also a pair of slippers can be useful. Women might want their heels for evening events or entertainment.

Luggage allowance on a cruise

Generally spoken cruise passengers are encouraged to limit their checked luggage to 2 suitcases per person with a max weight of each suitcase not more than 20 kg (50 pounds). But most cruise lines are not really strict. However, in most cases, you will fly to the departure port and then the luggage allowance policy of the airline is valid. 

Travel documents to bring on a cruise

Most important travel documents and things to bring on a cruise are your passport, ID-card, travel insurance, money, credit card, flight/train tickets and your boarding papers. Keep these items with you in a carry-on luggage on the day of embarkation and don’t pack it with your checked luggage. During you cruise you can keep valuable items in a safe in your cabin. Check in advance with your travel agent or cruise line if any visas are required for your destination.


Packing list for a cruise holiday


If you’ll make your personal packing list you’ll have a smaller chance to forget something. But even if you forget some small thing, don’t worry. There are a lot of shops onboard or at the cruise ports where you can easily buy swimwear, hat, sunglasses or a make-up set.


Packing top 10

  1. Passport, ID, tickets, cash, credit cards, driver's license, medical insurance
  2. Camera, batteries, chargers (extra memory cards for digital camera)
  3. Mobile phone, charger, pre-paid phone card
  4. Swim wear, shorts, underwear
  5. Tank tops, few t-shirts, socks
  6. Beach and good walking shoes
  7. Guidebooks and other port of call information, maps
  8. Cap for the sun, sunglasses, high-SPF sun cream
  9. Evening dress, elegant shoes
  10. Raincoat and a lightweight jacket/sweater in case of rain

Other items to take on a cruise

  • A nice pashmina for ladies that covers your shoulders can be a great solution during windy evenings on a ship. Sometimes pashmina is also necessary for visiting religions places.
  • Mini makeup set – something that woman always need (hair items, hygiene products, oral care items. Most cruise ships have a hair dryer).
  • If you are taking any medications, please don’t forget it.
  • Small shoulder bag – you can carry there water, all important things and souvenirs
  • Binoculars – can be a useful thing during shore excursions are on open sea
  • Laptop - if you would like to connect to the internet or to upload your new photos
  • Small travel iron or steam iron can be very useful
  • Take a small air freshener especially if you do not have a veranda.
  • Sport clothes if you plan on using the gym
  • Reading material: books, newspapers.