What to pack for a cruise

What to pack for a cruise?

Which luggage you have to bring on your cruise vacation depends on your destination, season and the dress code on board your cruise ship. Below you can find some practical tips.

Weight and number of baggage items

Basically cruise lines don’t apply a maximum weight or maximum number of items. However, in most cases, you will fly to thedeparture port and then the restrictions of the airline are valid. Inform you about this well in advance. For the cruise itself bring 1or 2 solid suitcases along with a carry-on bag.

Clothing and shoes

Before you start to pack get well informed about the dress code on board your cruise ship. This can vary considerably. Some cruises arevery casual and informal. Others are elegant chic and formal. In most cases, it is a mixture of the two. Please note that outdoor at sea it can be chilly. Also inside air conditioning is widely used. Provide well-dressed, comfortable and solid shoes. Also a pair of slippers can be useful.

Attire for every moment of the day

During a cruise day there are about 4 day parts each requiring a custom clothing style:

  • morning and afternoon on board: leisure, swimwear, sportswear
  • during a daytime excursion: comfortable casual, solid shoes
  • evening on board during dinner: formal, elegant
  • evening on board after dinner: smart casual